There are two types of booths in the thematic village and six configurations of that space. NFCYM places limitations are the number of booths exhibitors may rent.

Booth Types

Informational Booths: Exhibitors providing information only are considered informational exhibitors, and may rent booths at the informational exhibitor rate of $750 per 10’x10’ space. Informational exhibitors may not sell products or take orders during the expo.

Retail and Market Place Booths: Exhibitors selling or taking orders for products are retail exhibitors and must rent booths at the retail rate of $950 per 10’x10’ space.

NFCYM members receive a $100 discount per booth on the rates listed above. Sponsors pay only $650 per booth regardless of the type of booth.

Configurations of Space

There are six configurations of booth spaces:

Linear Booths: Linear booths have only one side exposed to an aisle and are arranged in a series along a straight line, and back to other exhibit booths.


Corner Booths: Corner booths are linear booths exposed to aisles on two sides.


Perimeter Booths: Perimeter booths are linear booths that back to an outside wall of the exhibit hall rather than other exhibits.


End Cap BoothsEnd Cap booths are exposed to aisles on three sides and composed of two booths. (Not available in the Market Place.)


Peninsula Booths: Peninsula booths are exposed to aisles on three sides and composed of four (or more) booths. (Not available in the Market Place.)


Island Booths: Island booths are composed of a minimum of six booths (two of which may need to be used to create an additional aisle) and are exposed to aisles on all four sides. To create an island an exhibitor may have to purchase additional space which cannot be used for display. (Major sponsors of NFCYM events receive priority registration for island booths. A limited number of island booths are available.)


Limitations on Booth Space

  1. NFCYM MembersNFCYM Members may request/purchase up to twelve (12) 10'x10' booths.
  2. Non Members: Nonmembers may request/purchase up to eight (8) 10'x10' booths.
  3. Market Place: Market Place exhibitors are limited to two (2) 10'x10' booths. Market Place exhibitors are those whose predominant ministry is the sale of apparel, caps, backpacks, gift items, religious articles, and other Catholic identity items.