In addition to all chaperones, artists, exhibitors, speakers, etc. must be in compliance with a diocesan safe environment program. It is the preference of NFCYM and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis that compliance be with the safe environment policies of your home diocese.

You will be asked about safe environment compliance as part of your registration process.

If you participated in the 2015 or 2017 NCYC and completed Indianapolis’ Safe and Sacred program at that time, your clearance is still valid.

If your safe environment clearance is lapsed or you have never participated in your diocese’s safe environment program, contact your diocesan Safe Environment Program Coordinator to see if you can get cleared by November 1.

If you cannot get cleared by your diocese in time, click here for information about the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ Safe and Sacred program.

Failure to provide verification of safe environment program compliance will result in the individual being barred from receiving an NCYC credential onsite until compliant - even if it means missing the conference.