Direct Registration

NFCYM prefers that participation happens through a diocesan delegation, but realizes that is not always possible. On occasion a diocese may not be able to participate as a diocese. This could be because the diocese is not a member of NFCYM or the member diocese does not have sufficient staff to coordinate. In these cases, parishes and schools in that diocese are authorized for "direct registration." Direct registration means that the parish/school leader acts as the delegation and group leader.

When parishes or schools must participate as a delegation (rather than group), the designated leader for the group becomes the delegation leader. He/she will request and coordinate hotel accommodations, including submitting the deposit, rooming list, and final payment, and registration, including uploading/entering participant information, collecting and submitting release forms, deposits, and payments.

If you are a parish or Catholic high school leader bringing a delegation to NCYC and you wish to receive delegation leader updates, please complete and submit the form below.

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Name of (arch)diocese in which the delegation resides

Please Note: NFCYM will unsubsribe from this list parish/school leaders from dioceses that are sponsoring diocesan level delegations.