Who Can Register?

NFCYM is pleased to welcome high school students and their adult chaperones to the biennial National Catholic Youth Conference. To participate in NCYC, students should be in high school in the Fall of 2019. Chaperones must be over the age of 21 and in compliance with their diocese's youth protection/safe environment policies. Participation by those not yet in high school is permitted, but not encouraged. (Nursing moms are welcome to bring their babies. The Indiana Convention Center has a lactation room.) High school graduates are welcome to attend. The delegation leader makes the final determination of eligibility to attend NCYC.

How Can I Register?

If you are a young person, parent, pastor, principal, youth ministry leader, or other individual interested in registering for NCYC, contact your diocesan delegation leader for details, package costs, and deadlines. Typically, it is the diocesan director of youth ministry who acts as the delegation leader. On occasion, a parish or Catholic high school leader may act as the delegation leader, especially if no diocesan leader is present.

When can I register?

Each diocese sets its own registration periods and deadlines. Some delegations will begin taking registration deposits as early as September 2018. Other delegations don't open registration until June 2019. If you are interested in participating in NCYC, contact your Catholic parish, high school, or diocese today to let them know of your interest and find out when to expect more information.

Why Does NFCYM Register Mainly through Dioceses?

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) is a membership organization made up of Catholic dioceses, organizations, and now associate members. As a membership organization NFCYM chooses to process NCYC registrations through its member dioceses. In some cases, NFCYM allows parishes and high schools to register directly. This exception applies mainly to dioceses without a functioning youth ministry office, non-NFCYM affiliated dioceses, and those NFCYM member dioceses requesting special exception.

Can I register on my own?

Unfortunately, no. NCYC is not designed for individual participation. First, NCYC is a community experience. Young people do best when they have a group with whom they can process what they see, hear, and are doing. Second, youth must be chaperoned and chaperones must be in compliance with their diocese's safe environment/youth protection policies. Compliance with safe environment policies are verified through diocesan communication.

I’m an adult participating with my diocese. How can I help during NCYC?

Thank you for asking! We’d love to have your assistance. There are lots of volunteer positions that adults can do while also chaperoning. You can chaperone the dance, or be a scheduled adorer in the chapel, or help keep traffic flowing inside the convention center. To sign up for one of these jobs (or others), visit our volunteer sign-up page.

I’m a priest who would like to hear confessions. How can I sign up to do that?

Excellent! To exercise your priestly ministry at NCYC, you need to have a letter of good standing/suitability on file with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The letter should be addressed to Archbishop Charles C. Thompson. Email a copy of your letter to clergyncyc@archindy.org and/or mail it to Clergy at NCYC, Archdiocese of Indianapolis, PO Box 1410, Indianapolis, IN 46209-9860. You can sign up in advance to serve in either or both capacities by clicking here.