required forms

NFCYM requires that EVERY participant, youth and adult, submit a completed NFCYM/NCYC General Release, Covenant Not to Sue, Liability Waiver, and Permission Agreement. There are separate forms for youth and adults.

Dioceses may also require their own release form and will absolutely require a medical permission form.

Referenced Documents

The waiver forms incorporate by reference NFCYM's youth protection policy, Safeguarding God's Children, and the included codes of conduct.

Required Participant Information

NFCYM does not provide a registration form as we utilize an online system. To register participants, group leaders should contact their diocesan delegation leader to discover how your diocese collects the required participant information. Many will utilize the customized spreadsheet provided through the registration system. Others may use other forms or platforms to gather the information. Regardless of how it is collected, click here for the complete list of registration fields.

Please know that NFCYM does not share any participant information with third-parties.

Excused Absence

NFCYM understands that participation in NCYC requires students to miss school. To assist students, we provide this Excused School Absence memo.