Ethically Sourced Materials for Customization

“Purchasing is always a moral, and not simply an economic act.”
— Pope Benedict XVI

NFCYM is taking this to heart through a new initiative with Catholic Relief Services' (CRS) Ethical Trade Partner, Ethix Merch. Ethix Merch will be providing ethically produced promotional items for sale at NCYC.  As one of twenty CRS Ethical Trade partnersEthix Merch has gone through a rigorous vetting process that ensures workers' rights are respected through living wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally sustainable practices. CRS Ethical Trade Partners also invest in their worker communities and respect Catholic social and moral teaching in their business practices. Every purchase results in a donation to Catholic Relief Services which helps CRS do works of mercy around the world on behalf of Catholics in the United States.

NFCYM invites all dioceses, parishes, and schools to consider working with Ethix Merch to buy ethically produced t-shirts, assorted goods, and other tchotchkes for NCYC or any other event or purpose. Please visit the CRS Ethical Shopping Guide wholesale section to learn more about Ethix Merch and other companies offering wholesale prices to Catholic institutions and ministries.