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Hotel Block

NFCYM has blocked rooms at more than fifty hotels in Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs. Hotel room rates range from $109 to $189 per night plus tax (generally 17%). We continue to add rooms and hotels as needs arise.

Please be aware that downtown rooms require a minimum three-night stay (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). If your delegation requires only two night's accommodations you will be placed in a suburban hotel. 

Submit Your Request

If you are the delegation leader and ready to book your hotel, please complete and submit the online Hotel Request Form. PIP will immediately begin to work with you to get your hotel rooms reserved.

Hotel Assignments

Each hotel area and property type has different amenities. Some hotels include breakfast in the rate. Other hotels offer meeting space. Some are within walking distance of the stadium and convention center. Progress in Planning, NFCYM's housing bureau, will use the criteria you prioritize in your request to identify options that best meet your needs.

At this time, PIP is assigning hotels on a first come, first served basis. Trina Stupec will be in contact with the delegation leader upon receipt of your request to discuss options before confirming your assignment by email.


Questions may be directed to Trina at or by calling 630-908-7929 x23.