Why Book within the Block?

  • Block hotels have been researched by NFCYM to ensure they meet our standards.
  • Reservations within the block are better protected from relocation.
  • Assistance is available in advance and on-site for problems with NCYC block hotels.
  • Block hotels have friendlier booking terms: no change fees, no full prepayment.
  • It saves money. Rates and terms are guaranteed and no $40 per person out-of-block charge for your delegation members.
  • It’s the right thing to do to support the conference. Meeting space rental and future room rates are based on in-the-block bookings, helping to keep the overall cost of registration lower. Future cost savings for all depends on strong in-the-block bookings.

Not Using the NCYC Hotel Block?

Please complete the Non-Use of Hotels Form. This lets NFCYM know that you will be securing housing on your own. Please note that all participants staying outside the NCYC Hotel Block are subject to a $40.00 per person Non-Use of Hotel Block fee. The reason for this fee is that hotels within the NCYC Hotel Block pay a commission and rebate.

Commissions offset the fees paid by NFCYM for housing and registration services. Rebates offset the facility rental fees. When participants secure rooms outside the hotel block, NFCYM still incurs the fees, but does not realize any income from these rooms. The Non-Use of Hotel Block fee allows NFCYM to recover a portion of the lost revenue.

In addition, NFCYM is contractually obligated to meet certain occupancy levels within contacted hotels. If these levels are not met, NFCYM may be charged an attrition penalty (the difference in the required occupancy level and the actual number of rooms used). Depending on the shortfall, these fees can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Payment of these fees could substantially affect NFCYM's financial well-being.

Finally, most cities assess the value of conference business based in large part on hotel room use. When rooms are reserved outside our block they are not counted in the valuation of our business. This impacts NFCYM's future negotiating power with cities, convention facilities, and hotels.