As the sponsoring organization for the NCYC, the NFCYM contracts with numerous hotels in downtown Indianapolis and surrounding suburbs in order to provide participants with suitable hotel options. The hotels in the NCYC block vary from upscale, full-service properties to economy, limit-service properties. NFCYM and its third-party housing company, Progress in Planning (PIP), try to maintain a base level quality throughout the block.

Hotel requests are submitted by the diocesan delegation leader on behalf the parish and school groups. NFCYM will not process hotel requests from parish or school group leaders without the diocesan delegation leader's approval unless there is no diocesan leader.

Diocesan delegation leaders determine the delegation's hotel room needs and submit the request. Delegation leaders are the primary contact between the delegation and PIP and the delegation and the assigned hotel(s).  Parish/school leaders submit rooming lists and payments to the delegation leader who combines them with other groups from the diocese and submits them on behalf of the entire delegation.

Determining Your Hotel Needs

A number of factors go into determining which hotel(s) best meet the needs of your delegation. Each delegation's priorities will be different. For some it's price and for others it's meeting space or bus parking. Use your delegation's highest priority to help identify the hotels within the NCYC Hotel Block that best fit your needs. If you find a hotel that you are interested in for your delegation, but it is not listed, please contact Trina Stupec to inquire if it can be added.

For the most part, NFCYM only contracts quad (four person) occupancy rooms or higher (up to eight people). This is what limits the number of rooms available at some properties. On behalf of NFCYM and a delegation, PIP can often add a large number of single bedded rooms at most hotels. Therefore, to increase the number of hotels into which your delegation can “fit,” consider the possibility of housing your adults in single bedded rooms (two to a bed) and reserving two bedded rooms for youth. 
Estimate Attendance
When estimating attendance, avoid being either overly optimistic or pessimistic. If you have the opportunity, measure interest in your community through some type of track-able response form. If this isn’t feasible, but your delegation has attended NCYC in the past, review the number of people registered for previous conferences. Does registration seem to have stayed the same or has it increased or decreased? Consider if there are factors affecting your local community that could impact registration.
Estimate Hotel Room Numbers
Once you have a sense of how many people will attend you need to determine approximately how many hotel rooms will be needed. Consider how many adults, if any, will want or need their own rooms. (Youth should not be assigned to single rooms.) Does anyone in the delegation have a disability that will require an ADA compliant room? Once you know how many single bedded rooms you will need, subtract that number from your estimated total registration number and then divide by four. Example: 97-person delegation has four people who want single rooms needs to request 4 single bedded rooms and 23 or 24 two bedded/quad occupancy rooms (97 – 4 = 93 / 4 = 23.25). The decision to round up or down is entirely yours based on how likely you feel you can fill the extra slots. It is not recommended that you purposely underestimate. Rooms may be able to be added later, but there is no guarantee. Nor should you purposely overestimate your hotel room needs. Your delegation will be held financially responsible by NFCYM for the rooms you request if you are unable to fill them and we are unable to resell them. As soon as you are aware of the need to add or reduce rooms you should notify PIP.

Room Types

There are a variety of room types available in hotels. Not every hotel has every room type, but most have a mixture of one and two bedded rooms.

  • Double Occupancy: A room with one bed (full, queen, or king) that sleeps two people accommodating up to two people
  • Quad Occupancy: A room with either two beds that each sleeps two people OR one bed that sleeps two with a pullout sofa that also sleeps two accommodating up to four people
  • Six Person Occupancy: A room with two beds that each sleeps two PLUS a pullout sofa that sleeps two people accommodating up to six people
  • Eight Person Occupancy: On rare occasion, some all-suite hotels will offer rooms with two beds that each sleeps two people PLUS two pull-out sofas that each sleeps two to accommodate up to eight people. These rooms usually have two full bathrooms.
  • Suites: Usually a larger than usual room, often with separate sleeping and living areas. Unless a property is "all-suite," NFCYM does not generally contract for suites, but may be able to add them at a delegation's request. Rate may be higher that "regular" room rate.

NFCYM does not typically block double occupancy rooms; HOWEVER, this room type can be added. In most cases, NFCYM/PIP can add a large number of these rooms to almost any hotel block.

Keep in mind that if you utilize single bedded/double occupancy rooms or rooms that sleep more than four people, your total number of rooms will be adjusted in consultation with PIP.


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