information on this page is intended for
delegation leaders only.

if you are leading a group that is part of a larger delegation, please use information in this section as a reference only. Any instructions included in this section should be carried out by the delegation leader only.

To assist delegation leaders with their responsibilities for housing and registration, NFCYM has created two handbooks:

These handbooks include links to the housing and registration sites, specific instructions, policies, deadlines, etc. You can view, download, and/or print the handbooks--whatever works best for you.

If you have questions about the registration or housing process, please contact Progress in Planning by email at or by telephone at 630.908.7929 x23.

Summary of Important Dates

Jan 22, 2017

Jan 23 – Apr 15, 2017

Jan 23 – Sept 30, 2017

Apr 15 – Sept 30, 2017



Jun 1 – Jul 15, 2017

Jun 1 – Sept 30, 2017

ASAP - Best Result if Before August 1, 2017

Sept 30, 2017

Oct 1-31, 2017

Oct 23, 2017

Nov 15-16, 2017

Nov 19-20, 2017

Early Assignment Hotel Request Period Closes

Early Assignment Hotel Requests Assigned/Confirmed

Regular Assignment Hotel Request Period

Regular Assignment Hotel Requests Assigned/Confirmed

Delegation Leaders Contact Assigned Hotel Representatives

Hotel Deposits Due

Registration Deposits Accepted

Registration Portals Open / Participant Data Uploaded

Add, Reduce/Cancel Hotel Rooms with PIP*

Registration Data Entry Complete and Final Payment Invoice Generated for REGULAR Registration Fees to Apply**

Late Registration Period – Fees increase $40 per person
Substitution and Cancellation Fees Apply

Rooming Lists Due to Hotels

Onsite Registration Pick Up Open
Hotel Check In

Hotel Check Out

* The delegation is financially responsible for all rooms reserved unless or until PIP or hotel can resell canceled rooms. The earlier PIP is notified the greater the chance that financial responsibility can be mitigated.
** PIP must receive cover invoice, payment, and waiver forms by October 10 to avoid late fees.