NCYC Logo Use Policy

The official NCYC logo may be reprinted on apparel, conference related printed and digital materials, and on other promotional items not for sale and not in competition with the sale of promotional items by the NFCYM.

When used on apparel, the logo design may be no larger than 3" high by 6.3" wide; the original design may not be modified; the design may be used on the pocket, sleeve, or hem only; the design must be free-standing; and the design may not be reproduced in the official conference colors. If you wish to purchase official merchandise, please contact us.

For the 2017 NCYC, the official logo may not be reproduced in the official red or blue.


CMYK (5, 100, 26, 2)
RGB (167,16, 86)                       
PMS (215)
HEX (A71056)


CMYK: (100,72,2,12)
RGB: (0,51,141)
PMS (287)
HEX (00338D)

2017 Logo in Color


2017 Logo in Gray scale