Registration Fields

To begin the online registration process, the local (parish/school) leader will need to collect the information listed below from each participant. Local leaders may create their own paper forms to obtain the information and use those to complete the spreadsheet needed for the online process.

  • First Name

  • (First) Name for Badge

  • Last Name

  • (Arch)diocese Name

  • Parish/School, Town

  • Region #

  • Participant Mailing Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip code

  • Participant Mobile Phone #

  • Participant Email Address

  • Emergency Contact Name

  • Emergency Contact Phone Number

  • Registration Type (select one): Participant

  • Participant Type (select one): Adult, Youth

  • Participant Gender (select one): Female; Male

  • Ethnicity (select one): Asian/Pacific Islander; Black; Hispanic; Native American; White; Multi-Ethnic; Not Known; Other

  • Primary Language* (select one): English; Spanish; ASL; Other

  • T-Shirt Size (select one): Small; Medium; Large; XL; 1XL; 2XL; 3XL; Larger than 3XL

  • Special Needs (select all that apply):

    • Sign Language Interpretation Needed

    • Enhanced Listening Device Needed

    • Large Print Program Needed

    • Braille Program Needed

    • Scooter/Wheelchair Rental Referral

    • Early Stadium Access needed due to Limited Mobility

    • Assistance Needed Getting Between Stadium and Convention Center

    • Low Gluten Host Needed


  • Grade at time of NCYC (select one): 9, 10, 11, 12, Not yet in high school, Not known

  • Mother/Guardian First Name

  • Mother's Last Name**

  • Father/Guardian First Name

  • Father/Guardian Last Name**


  • Clergy/Religious (select one): Sister; Brother; Priest; Deacon; None

  • Safe Environment/Youth Protection Compliance: Current/Valid Background Check*** (select one): Yes; No; Unknown

  • Safe Environment/Youth Protection Compliance: Current/Valid Training** (select one): Yes; No; Unknown

* NCYC is primarily conducted in English, although there are prayer experiences and some breakouts in Spanish.
** There is a check box field to indicate if the child’s address is different from parents’.
*** NFCYM does not use these fields to verify compliance with safe environment/youth protection standards. The fields exist to
assist group and delegation leaders to track who needs to get cleared or update their status before NCYC.

Download this listRE.