The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) accepts and processes registrations by delegation. Delegations are most often diocesan and consist of smaller parish and school groups. However, in cases where the diocese is not a member of NFCYM, or the member diocese is unable to coordinate NCYC participation, then parishes and schools in that diocese may register independently as delegations. Otherwise, all participants must register through their parish or school with the diocese.

Dioceses usually put together an overall NCYC registration package. This package includes not only the registration fee, but also overnight accommodations, travel to/from Indianapolis, ground transportation in Indianapolis, perhaps some meals, and often some kind of t-shirt/hoodie/ hat/scarf/backpack that unifies and identifies the members of the delegation.

Individuals wishing to attend NCYC, should contact their diocesan youth ministry office to inquire about NCYC registration package details and for deadlines for submission of payment(s) and forms.

Who Can Register?

NFCYM is pleased to welcome high school age young people and their adult chaperones to the biennial National Catholic Youth Conference. To participate in NCYC, youth should be in high school in the Fall of 2019. Chaperones must be over the age of 21 and in compliance with their diocese's safe environment policies. Participation by those not yet in high school is permitted, but not encouraged. (Nursing moms are welcome to bring their babies. The Indiana Convention Center has a lactation room.) The diocesan delegation leader makes the final determination of eligibility to attend NCYC. (See Participation Guidelines.)

How to Register?

If you are a young person, parent, pastor, principal, youth ministry leader, or other individual interested in registering for NCYC, contact your diocesan youth ministry office for details, package costs, and deadlines. Typically, it is the diocesan director of youth ministry who acts as the delegation leader. On occasion, a parish or Catholic high school leader may act as the delegation leader, especially if no diocesan leader is present.

Why Does NFCYM Register (Mainly) through Dioceses?

As a membership organization of Catholic diocesan, organizational, constitutive, and associate members, NFCYM chooses to process NCYC registrations through its member dioceses. On occasion a diocese may not participate as a diocese. This could be because the diocese is not a member of NFCYM or the member diocese does not have sufficient resources to coordinate. In these cases, parishes and schools in that diocese are authorized for "direct registration." Direct registration means that the parish/school leader acts as the delegation and group leader.

Can individuals register on their own?

Unfortunately, no. NCYC is not designed for individual participation. Individuals must attend as part of a delegation. Youth must be chaperoned and chaperones must be in compliance with their diocese's safe environment policies.


NFCYM does offer scholarship opportunities for NCYC.

Scholarship Guidelines and Instructions 

The NFCYM scholarship program’s objective is to grow and support the mission of NFCYM through offering scholarships, financial aid, and grants for national events under three tenets. 

  1. Offer the opportunity for new and diverse attendees to experience an NFCYM event  

  2. Serve under-represented communities   

  3. Extend economic assistance to those in need  

In distribution of funds the NFCYM scholarship team will look for opportunities where the biggest impact will be made locally in parishes, schools, and organizations, on the diocesan/delegation level and to the greater NFCYM/NCYC community. 

 NCYC: 2019  

For the National Catholic Youth Conference in 2019 the following scholarships and grants will be available. 

 Registration Scholarships Offered – Up to 500 total awarded 

Full registration covered for NCYC 2019  

Travel and Lodging Grants – Up to $65,000total awarded 

Grants will be disbursed to aid with costs associated with travel and lodging for NCYC 

  Anticipated Disbursement Breakdown  

  • 50% of funding goes towards under-represented communities  

  • 50% of funding goes towards economic need  


April 1 – Scholarship applications and guidelines are released 

May 1 – Application submission deadline for parishes, schools, and organizations (these applications will be submitted to the (diocesan/delegation leader)   

May 15 – Diocesan Scholarship Summary Form and Application due to NFCYM (this is submitted by the diocesan/delegation leader)

June 7 – Scholarship decisions will be finalized  

June 10 – Scholarship and grant recipients will start to be notified 

Dec. 15 – All follow up documentation required for travel and lodging grants due 

Scholarship Process

Step 1 - Each parish, school, or organization interested in applying for a scholarship or grant, who are in a member diocese will fill out the 2019 NCYC Scholarship and Grant Application  for parishes, schools, and organizations, and send that completed application to their diocesan/delegation leaders by email, no later than May 1, 2019. (application works best in Chrome). Conferencia Nacional Católica de Jóvenes Solicitud para becas y fondos – Parroquias, escuelas y organizaciones.

Step 2 - Once diocesan/delegation leaders have received all of their diocesan/delegations applications, leaders can access the Diocesan Scholarship Summary Form and Application in Memberclicks. Leaders can simply follow the online instructions in filling out the summary and application along with uploading any corresponding documents, no later than May 15, 2019.

Step 3 - The NFCYM scholarship team will review all applications by June 7, 2019 and begin to notify recipients starting June 10, 2019. The NFCYM is comprised of members of the Development Advisory Committee and led by the NFCYM development director. 

 Step 4 - Diocesan/delegation leaders who submitted applications will be notified starting June 10, 2019. Included in this notification will be further instructions that will complete the application process and allow for scholarships and grants to be released. *Dioceses/delegations that received travel and lodging grants will be required to submit follow up information for their grant process to be officially closed.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out to Matt Alpaugh, NFCYM Development Director,

Registration Fees

Registration fees are based on two factors: the delegation's NFCYM membership status and the date by which registration is received. Most delegations set earlier deadlines and create registration packages that also include hotel accommodations, some meals, a t-shirt, and perhaps travel or ground transportation. Check with your diocese for details.


Member Diocese

Non-Member Diocese

Early Bird
by June 30, 2019



by September 30, 2019



on or after October 1, 2019