Registration Process

NFCYM accepts and processes registrations by delegation. Delegations are most often diocesan and consist of smaller parish and school groups. However, in cases where the diocese is not a member of NFCYM, or the member diocese is unable to coordinate NCYC participation, then parishes and schools in that diocese may register independently as delegations. Otherwise, all participants must register through their parish or school with the diocese.

Dioceses usually put together an overall NCYC registration package. This package includes not only the registration fee, but also overnight accommodations, travel to/from Indianapolis, ground transportation in Indianapolis, perhaps some meals, and often some kind of t-shirt/hoodie/hat/scarf/backpack that unifies and identifies the members of the delegation.

Individuals wishing to attend NCYC, should contact their delegation leader for full package details and for deadlines for submission of payment(s) and forms.


The Catholic Youth Foundation USA provides registration scholarships to NCYC participant in need of assistance to attend.  If the application is funded, the Catholic Youth Foundation USA will underwrite up to 100% of the conference registration fee. CYFUSA expects that the individuals and local community will manage the remaining expenses. These parameters enable CYFUSA to support the greatest number of scholarship applications. For more details and application forms, click here.