Information on this page is intended for delegation leaders only.

If you are leading a group that is part of a larger delegation, please use information in this section as a reference only. Instructions included in this section should be carried out by the delegation leader only.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are based on two factors: the delegation's NFCYM membership status and the date by which registration is received.

Dioceses usually put together an NCYC package. Packages include not only the registration fee, but also overnight accommodations, travel to/from Indianapolis, ground transportation in Indianapolis, perhaps some meals, and often some kind of t-shirt/hoodie/hat/scarf/backpack that unifies and identifies the members of the delegation.

Early Bird Registration

NFCYM is introducing an Early Bird registration option for the 2019 NCYC. To qualify for the Early Bird Registration fee, the delegation leader must complete the calculation form by 11:59 pm CT on June 30, 2019, It and full payment must be post-marked no later than July 15, 2019, to maintain the Early Bird rate. (Participant records must be finalized by 11:59 pm CT on September 30, 2019.)

  • Member Dioceses: $225

  • Non-Member Dioceses: $265

Regular Registration

To qualify for the Regular registration fee, participant records must be finalized and calculation form completed by 11:59 pm CT on September 30, 2019. Full payment and a copy of the invoice must be post-marked no later than October 10, 2019, to maintain the Regular rate.

  • Member Dioceses: $245

  • Non-Member Dioceses: $285

Late Registration

Late registrations will be accepted through onsite registration, but a $40 late fee will apply to each. Payment is due no later than onsite registration pick up.

  • Member Dioceses: $265

  • Non-Member Dioceses: $305

Completed Registration

"Completed Registration" is defined as:

  • Participant data entered into online system stated deadline.

  • Payment invoice generated by online system by stated deadline.

  • Payment and copy of invoice mailed to Progress in Planning by stated deadline.

  • Waiver forms submitted for all participants.

  • Safe environment forms submitted.

Other Registration Related Fees

Non Use of housing

A fee of $60 is added to any registration where the individual, group, or delegation is not staying in an NCYC block hotel.  The fee does NOT apply to those staying with family or in military accommodations. The fee may be waived on occasion at the discretion of NFCYM.

The out-of-block fee helps NFCYM recover lost commissions and rebates and protects against attrition fees. The commission on NCYC block rooms is 10% and is paid directly to the housing and registration company. The rebate on NCYC block rooms varies is used to help underwrite the license fee for the use of the convention center and stadium. Attrition fees are the amount charged by hotels when a contracting party fails to meet a minimum obligation for room use.


A fee of $20 is charged when the name of a new person is substituted for a registered participant. The fee is applied beginning 12:00 am on October 1, 2019, through onsite registration pick up. There is no change in registration rate in the case of a substitution regardless of when the substitution is made.


When a participant with a completed registration (usually after September 30) must cancel his attendance, and the spot cannot be filled by a substitution, NFCYM will refund the registration fee paid less $40.  Refund requests must be made in writing before November 1. Refunds will be processed in January 2020. Refund requests made after November 1 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Refund requests should be sent via email to