Youth Protection

NCYC may be unique to other events at which you exhibit. Most participants are under the age of eighteen. Participants come with lots of adult supervision, but NFCYM in partnership with our host, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, take the responsibility of providing a safe environment for our young attendees. Therefore, all adults must adhere to a code of conduct and are required to be in compliance with basic safe environment standards. These generally include basic education in providing and maintaining a safe environment for minors and a third-party background check. If your exhibit personnel volunteer in a Catholic ministry setting with young people, they may already be compliant. If not, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis offers their online training program and background check authorization process. Details for how to access this resource will be sent to the primary contact for each accepted exhibitor applicant. Training and background checks take a little time and should not be left to the last minute.

Returning Exhibitors/Personnel

If your organization/company exhibited at the 2015 NCYC and you and/or your booth personnel participated in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis's Safe and Sacred program, those credentials should be valid for the 2017 NCYC.

Exhibitor Code of Conduct

In connection with their participation in the conference, NFCYM exhibitors will:

  • Exhibit the highest ethical standards and personal integrity
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner, free from all forms of physical, psychological, sexual, and emotional intimidation, harassment, and abuse
  • Avoid taking unfair advantage of any relationship for their own benefit
  • Share concerns about suspicious or inappropriate behavior with their supervisors
  • Report to local authorities any suspected abuse or neglect of a minor
  • Accept their personal responsibility to protect minors and adults from all forms of abuse
  • Limit their contact with NFCYM event participants to that which is appropriate to their role within that event

Third Party Criminal Background Check

Third-party criminal background checks are required of all exhibitor personnel to verify that the individual has not been convicted or is on probation for an offense that would disqualify him/her from working with minors. No checks are done into credit history. NFCYM's main concern is with disqualifying offenses.